bulb sowing method

Diane Whitehead voltaire@islandnet.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 15:50:32 PDT
I use Deno's results, and if he hasn't tested a species, I make a best  
guess based on other species he has tested or  I have grown.

The accepted way is to sow them in a pot, cover the seeds with grit,  
and put them outside.

I also have a problem with grit:  usually plants with grit on them die  
because I can't figure out when to water them.  I know what my  
standard compost looks like when it needs water.  A quick glance is  
all that is necessary.  I don't have to lift it to see if it is  
feeling light, or tap the pot to see if it rings.

People who live in areas with summer rain probably don't have this  

  I also kill plants from nurseries that grow their plants in pumice  
or its equivalent, even when it is something that grows in squelchy  
areas on a lakeshore.  I think these nurseries have automatic watering  
systems that come on every day.  So I have a double problem:  their  
compost is not just covered with grit, but grit all the way down.  I  
have to remind myself to plant out immediately, or repot into a  
compost I'm familiar with.


On 17-Mar-08, at 3:11 PM, Dell Sherk wrote:

> Hi Diane and All,
> This is very interesting. How do you know which "temperature regime"  
> each
> species falls in? And what is the "accepted way" that didn't suit your
> circumstances?
> Dell
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