Cyclamen species bloom sequence

Roy Herold
Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:43:26 PDT
I have had a couple of generic coums blooming outside since this past 
Sunday, literally two days after the snow and ice melted. That was fast!

The long bloom award for cyclamen this season goes to a potted cyprium 
that started blooming outdoors in September, and still has a couple of 
flowers open today in the greenhouse. Lovely leaves, too, with patterns 
that are distinct from the other species. Years ago I had a C. 
purparascens that had at least one flower open in each month of a year 
long stretch. Never been able to duplicate it since.

NW of Boston
Sort of Zone 5/6, but only down to +1F this winter with good snow cover.

Arnold Trachtenberg wrote:
> Jim;
> Check the Cyclamen Society web page.
> I get Cyclamen hederifolium to bloom each fall under a medlar tree.  
> Tried C. coum outdoors but didn't make an appearance.
> Arnold
> New Jersey
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