Gladiolus cultivation
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:14:08 PDT
To All,  As a 'brown thumb" winter rainfall grower in inland California, I attempt a few SA winter growing gladioli. I succeed with three. Gladiolus priori (Jan. blm.-10 in.-red blossoms), Gl. watsonii (Feb. blm.-12 in.-orange red blossoms), and Gl. stefaniae (Dec. blm- 10 in. large-"knock your socks off" red and white blossoms). I have pictures of the latter, but as a procrastinater I haven't sent them to Mary Sue as yet, but will soon. They do better in the ground and are a delightful winter sight. They tolerate a few local frosts of 26 F. and a few summer 105 F. No summer water. It looks like I may have some seed for those in a suitable climate, etc. Let me know &/or I will put them on the seed list.  Peace,  Bob Werra

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