Down to the wire -Spring - KC Style

James Waddick
Sat, 01 Mar 2008 07:49:01 PST
Dear friends,
	The extra leap day of February has allowed me to make some 
spring bloom claims in the garden. Enough ice melted to see some 
actual flowering and even more potential. Today, March 1 is forecast 
up to 60 degrees F before it plunges back into the mid-teens in a day 
or two.

	So I can make the following tally:

	Narcissus (minor) 'Cedric Morris' fully opened a day or two 
during a slight melting.

	Eranthis (Winter Aconite ) - 2 flowers fully open, but many 
others turning upwards.

	Galanthus nivalis (mostly) Quite a few turning down and some 
expanding, but none quite open- perhaps later today.

	Crocus - none, but anticipating  C. sieberi 'Firefly' and C. 
ancyrensis if the sun and today's warming persist. Both show color.

	Cyclamen ( I think caucasicum) showing color and turning up 
barely. Still in tight bud.

	Adonis amurensis up and 'trying'.

	Not what you'd call a spring display, but a hint. The 
forecast calls for a low of 18 or 19 tomorrow and heavy rains on 
still deeply frozen ground. It is definitely 'not nice' out, but some 
day soon.....

		Optimistically yours			Jim W.

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