Hippeastrum: Trait Dominance?

Joyce Miller Miller7398@comcast.net
Thu, 29 May 2008 08:44:54 PDT
 Dear David and all,

  Once again, my correspondant in Louisiana shares his long experience
    with breeding Hippeastrum.
        Best wishes, Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon

        "Now to answer your question biefly, NO, there is no trend in
    crossing breeding Hippeastrums, it does not matter which plant is the
    pollen or     seed parent. No, it does not matter which flower or scape
    you use either..  Now all of this is predicated on one simple fact in
    that both parents     must or should be of the same chromosome number.
        Remember that most species, not all, are diploids with 22
    chromosomes and usually cross freely with each other.  Modern hybrids
    are mostly  tetraploids with 44 chromosomes. Some trait dominance
    would or might show up when crossing plants of  different chromosome
        If you wish, I could write up a one page, easy to understand
    explanation of the latter situation tomorrow, on a document and send it
        Just  be reminded that for every rule, there is an exception !

        I find tremendous joy in cross breeding, learned it from my late
    paternal grandfather as a child, but back then, we knew nothing of cross
    breeding plants of different chromosome levels.

        To your PBS member, do not be afraid to make all kinds of crosses,
    some will take and other will fail, and this is the major part of the
                 learning process.  It is very exciting to make crosses and
    dream of what they might be and then wait with anxiety for them to
    bloom.  You will     be very happy to see your very own hybrids bloom
    and be the first person to see them in their glory.

        Many commercial hybrids for the retail market are not the best, they
    are just the most easy to propogate and sell quickly at a profit.
                 Hippeastrums are in that group.

        My best of luck to anyone who cross breeds.  I speak everyday with
    friends who cross everything from exotic birds to plants and there is
             always some new information to be shared. Barry

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