Archibalds (was: Re: Gagea)

Lee Poulsen
Thu, 08 May 2008 10:19:01 PDT
The Archibalds gave an explanation  in their last catalog this past 
winter as to why they've basically gone back to a snailmailed paper 
catalog and given up on trying to keep their website properly updated. 
So while it is something of a hassle to me, who has become quite 
accustomed to doing everything via the Internet including paying, they 
still do have an amazing variety of geophytic seeds offered. And to 
sweeten the deal (for people like me), they persuaded Watson & Flores to 
start offering seeds from Chile and Andean Argentina again via their 
(the Archibalds') list. This makes them doubly expensive for those of us 
in a dollar economy since the Archibalds tend to charge more anyway, and 
the prices are in pounds. But they've managed to get quite the unusual 
seeds, such as three different species of Hieronymiella in this past 

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

Fred Biasella wrote:
> Hi Mark and All,
> I was trying to remember which member mentioned this plant but danged if I
> could remember who. You know what they say...the mind is the first to go. I
> tried to get some seeds from Archibalds, but they are not accepting any
> on-line orders at this time. 

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