Wiki Additions--Lachenalia

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 15 May 2008 06:56:00 PDT

I've been working on enlarging the Lachenalia pages on the wiki (split them 
up more and added three new ones so none would take too long to load) and 
have added a lot of new pictures from a number of sources, both additional 
species pictures and additional pictures of species already illustrated. It 
would take too long to note all the additions with links so I'll just give 
you the link to the index page and the table and those people who are 
interested in Lachenalia can check it out.…
New species added : L. angelica, congesta, gillettii (from seed from a 
reliable source, but not the color expected so could be something else I 
suppose if any experts want to check), isopetala,  longibracteata, mediana, 
namibiensis, salteri (in bud as it is just about to bloom),  zeyheri

Also illustrated (we had text from Don Journet but no pictures) now are L. 
arbuthnotiae, L. bolusii, L. fistulosa, L. framesii

We still have no pictures for described species L. algoensis and L. 
schelpei so if anyone has pictures of these two species, we'd love to add 
them to the wiki.

Other species already illustrated with just a picture or maybe two now have 
additional pictures.

Some unknown person uploaded a picture of L. zebrina very recently and 
needs to edit the page and add the credits for it.

Mary Sue
Coastal Northern California where it's going to be unusually blazing hot 
today and we have no air conditioning. It may finish off some of my bulbs 
and open up some of the Calochortus. Having a drier than usual spring this 
year has meant a good year for Watsonia coccinea (perhaps as I'm never sure 
why some years they  come up and other years they do not). I'm very fond of 
this species which is a nice color and nice size and does not spread too 
much and I hope it will hold on for another day or two.

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