Fred Biasella
Thu, 08 May 2008 08:17:37 PDT
Hi Mark and All,

I was trying to remember which member mentioned this plant but danged if I
could remember who. You know what they say...the mind is the first to go. I
tried to get some seeds from Archibalds, but they are not accepting any
on-line orders at this time. Perhaps I will try Jane McGary and see if she
has any to sell/trade. Thank you and all the other folks who responded to my

Warm Regards
Fred Biasella

Hello Fred (and PBS fans),

Perhaps you missed my posting on May 1st entitled "Sowing seed in situ +
spring bulbs", where I talk about Gagea fibrosa that I've grown and flowered
at least for 2 years in Zone 5 near the New Hampshire border.  Here's what I
wrote about Gagea, and it includes a link to a photo taken a couple weeks
back.  It's a charming plant.

Done blooming last week, is one of the many Gagea species, a genus of small,
mostly yellow-flowered bulbs, closely allied to Tulipa. Here is a flowering
plant of Gagea fibrosa, obtained from Jane McGary's fine specialty bulb
list. An overlooked genus, cute little plants a few inches tall. 

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