A list of Drakensberg geophytes with elevations part 1

lucgbulot@aol.com lucgbulot@aol.com
Fri, 02 May 2008 06:57:51 PDT
Hi all,

Though you would all benefit from the list I compiled for myself (I excluded the orchids):


Zantedeschia aethiopica (up to 2250m)
Zantedeschia albomaculata (up to 2400m)

Liliaceae (sensu lato)

Littonia modesta (up to 1450m)
Sandersonia aurantiaca (up to 1950m)
Androcybium longipes (up to 3000m)
Androcybium?striatum (up to 3000m)
Wurmbea angustifolia (up to 2300m)
Wurmbea eliator (up to 2500m)
Wurmbea pusilla (up to 2700m)
Wurmbea kraussii (up to 2450m)
Wurmbea burttii (up to 2300m)
Bulbine abyssinica (up to 2400m)
Bulbine capitata (1900 to 2750m)
Bulbine favosa (up to 2250m)
Anthericum acutum (up to 2450m)
Anthericum cooperi (up to 2300m)
Anthericum longistylum (up to 1500m)
Trachyandra asperata (1700 to 2750m - several forms including var. basutoensis)
Trachyandra smalliana (1900 to 2100m)
Bowiea volubilis (up to 1675m)
Eriospermum ornithogaloides (up to 2400m)
Eriospermum hygrophilum (up to 2100m)
Eriospermum cooperi (up to 2250m)
Eriospermum natalensis (up to 2250m)

List will carry on in the next mails... I wonder if anybody cultivates those species and under which conditions (outside South Africa of course)...


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