Iris & Tulip miscellany

James Waddick
Thu, 15 May 2008 21:18:11 PDT
Dear Mark,
	Love the pix.
	The Chinenses Series of iris comprise a small number of 
species that are mostly just coming into wider cultivation. Thanks 
for your nice pix. Try I. speculatrix if you can get your hands on 
some, also in this group.

	I have a clump Tulipa  "Little Beauty' that has dozens of 
heads and their simultaneous bloom give a dazzling bouquet in the 
garden. My source listed it as T. humilis.

	A question about 'Lady Jane'. Is this long lived and 
permanent in the garden. Mine are new additions, but I certainly love 
the look and long bloom season. The outer rose pink color is just 
perfect: not too flashy, but rich and welcoming.

	I agree with your observations about T. sylvestris in sun and 
shade. Almost like two totally different plants. In sun the stems can 
have up to 3 flowers per stem and they barely run or clump. IN shade 
they run and form a sod with few small flowers.

	And thanks for the lovely yellow Magnolia - quite a beauty.

		Thanks		Jim W.

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