Placea ornata germination

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 27 May 2008 16:49:13 PDT
I have sprouted Placea arzae.

I sowed them in late fall on top of a sandy soil mix in a container 3"
across and 6" deep (20 ounce foam drinking cup.) I then covered with 1/2
inch of sand. I did not punch drain holes at this time.

I set the cup outside for my fall-winter-spring, which features occasional
overnight frosts but cool and dry conditions otherwise.

I filled the cups with water to the brim and kept like that until the
seedlings emerged. Then I punched drain holes. I kept them moist all

They grew well the first year. I put the intacta container in a box in a
closet in the house for the first summer. They did not return the
following fall.

Using the same method I have plants of Rhodophiala advena and Ozirhoe
biflora, which have returned strongly.

On this topic... I dropped my pot of Rhodophiala advena while putting pots
away for the summer. I have eight bulbs with large fleshy white roots. How
should I summer them now that I have unpotted them? Previously I have just
put the pot in a box and put it in the closet until the fall.


Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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