Spanish bluebells

Wed, 07 May 2008 18:41:02 PDT
UMMMMMMMMMMMm, we won't go there with  the word 'challenge' looming in the 
midst, but I will send  a large quantity of Bluebells  for the  exchange.
I'm snickering here, because I find it hard to believe their's a demand for 
them. They are SUCH a  weed here, but... WHATEVER!
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> >Jim, Spanish Bluebells are in FULL boloom right now. Not the time to be
>>digging them, however, the woods  across the lane from me is carpeted with
>>What colors do you want?  Shall I send a  semi full of them?
> Dear Clayton,
> Speaking for Dell and the BX, as soon as they are dormant
> enough and diggable, send them to Dell and keep on until he says
> 'Uncle" and gives up. I'lll send in my order right away.  White,
> pink, blue, day-glo, any color!
> Do you feel like a challenge? Best Jim W.
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