A list of Drakensberg geophytes with elevations part 1

brent hine brent.hine@ubc.ca
Fri, 02 May 2008 09:51:01 PDT

I grow about 6 species of Kniphofia on your list and some others, 
including K. brachystachya, caulescens (winter-flowering; just finishing 
now), ichopensis, laxiflora, triangularis etc.
Agapanthus coddii is an evergreen species but not for me.  It really 
performs with tall, big blue flowers in July.
I've grown Albuca rupestris, shawii and fastigiata var floribunda for 
about 4 years. They flower very well and produce a lot of seed.
Littonia modesta has been in this garden for 20 years or so.  It rises 
very late (June) and makes a good amount of seed also.
Zantedeschia jucunda isn't on your list but it does well.  I love its 
bright yellow flowers. 
A couple more that aren't on your list but are in the same group are 
Nerine pudica (white flowers in late Autumn) and Crinum bulbispermum 
(first bloom last summer).

Brent Hine
UBC Botanical Garden
Vancouver, BC
Zone 7a

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