Hardy Alstroemeria

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Wed, 07 May 2008 09:41:01 PDT
Hi again,

Interesting that the Hardy Alstroemeria discussion comes up since I am trying to dig out the problem on my side as well...

If one consider that Alstroemeria aurea is a potential candidate, therefore there is a bunch of high elevation species from the South of Chile and the Central Cordillera that should also be tested. Here is a list and I wonder if some of you grow them in full ground:

Alstroemeria patagonica replaces A. aurea to the south. It is the most austral of all members of the genus. 

Alstroemeria presliana and its ssp. australis occurs both in Neuquen (Argentina) and adjacent regions of Chile. The typical form ranges from 1500 to 2000m in altitude. The subspecies occurs at lower elevations but more to the south 

Among the populations of A. ligtu, its ssp. incarnata occurs at the higher elevation (up to 2000m) in the Central Cordillera (Region O'Higgins and Maule) and should be considered.

Other species from the Central cordillera includes A. exerens, A. pseudospathulata, A. umbellata, A. versicolor, A. andina, A. pallida and A. spathulata...

Hope it is of interest.. if anyone is interested by more habitat details just ask - I have a quite extensive literature on the genus in Chile...


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