Placea ornata germination

Mon, 26 May 2008 10:07:39 PDT
I've germinated and successfully grown Placea, but I use  soil microrhizza 
in the soil  mix. I sow them in the fall here, and hold them over in the 
greenhouse  till spring.
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> Rogan,
> I've had trouble starting the seeds of Rhodophiala and related genera and
> then trying to transplant or plant them after germination.  I now start 
> all
> such seeds in a sand layer atop the potting mix in the pots I intend to
> grow them in for the first couple of years.  I cover with clear plastic
> film like Saran wrap, and keep the pot in a large sauce so I can water it
> without removing the plastic wrap.
> It might be good to try this with some Placea.
> What I don't know is whether Placea are summer or winter growing, but I
> surmise form your comments and the native habitat that they might want to
> grow in the winter.  Can anyone comment on this?
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana (USA)
> At 12:52 PM 5/26/2008 +0200, you wrote:
>>I have recently had success germinating Placea ornata in the refrigerator
>>at 4'C on damp filter paper in a petri dish. Germination was nearly 100%
>>after two weeks.
>>Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep them alive after germination?
>>I have tried this species several times before with no success.
>>Thanks a lot
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