missing snowdrop mystery solved

Ellen Hornig hornig@earthlink.net
Tue, 06 May 2008 18:21:17 PDT
While we're telling snowdrop stories....

Several weeks ago, my husband returned from walking the dog in the woods to 
announce that in a derelict area off the road he had spotted several clumps 
of old-fashioned double snowdrops in bloom.  I dearly love these things, and 
the prospect of good numbers free was enticing, so back we went, me with 
trowel in hand, to liberate them.

As I knelt in the forest duff  and pried out the clumps, I was aware that 
there were dormant vines running all through them, and I made a mental note 
that the vines were probably poison ivy and I should take proper precautions 
when I got home.  However, when I did get home I was in such a hurry to 
plant my new treasures in the garden that I completely forgot about the 
poison ivy.

Over the next week, I developed the worst case of posion ivy rash I have 
ever endured - I was miserable.  I'll never look at double snowdrops quite 
the same way again.


Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
3712 County Route 57
Oswego NY 13126 USA

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