Chandler, Karla
Wed, 21 May 2008 13:19:55 PDT
Hi Everyone,
I have finally joined and I am pretty excited. I have tons of questions,
but I also hope to contribute information. Now that my bulb season is
over, I am freer to talk about them, and thereby making the season
endless. I take care of a collection of SA bulbs at the Brooklyn Botanic
Garden of New York State. It has become more than my job as any of you
can well guess. It is a modest collection of about 30 Genera and 100
species. I inherited the roughly 20 year old collection and have added
to it in the seven years I have been curator. Mostly I have weeded out
virus infected plants and tried to keep the rest alive. This is my first
time joining such a list.  Thank you for letting me participate.

Karla Chandler
Curator of Helen Mattin Warm Temperate Pavilion
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225

phone: 718-623-7200 x 6400
fax: 718-622-7847

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