Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 28 May 2008 08:27:22 PDT
I grow my plants year round in my unheated green house. They bloom reliably 
at different times in winter-spring. They don't always lose their leaves, 
but I do try to withhold water for periods of time to stimulate blooming. 
I've mentioned on this list numerous times that even though I have grown 
from seed selections that were labeled P. dubia, P. carmioli, and P. 
cinerea, they all look the same to me. Even the ones that have a tiny band 
of yellow don't keep it as they mature. So I appreciated Dylan's comment 
that they all look similar in appearance.

In the past I have taken pictures to compare these different plants and 
pictures of the seed pods and seeds and never quite got them to the wiki so 
I have added the pictures this morning along with a picture from our wiki 
virus page of a virused leaf. Information about cultivation from Diana 
Chapman is on this page.…

Mary Sue

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