Cypripedium pictures

giorgio pozzi
Mon, 12 May 2008 23:32:20 PDT
Il giorno 13/mag/08, alle ore 04:24, Mary Sue Ittner ha scritto:

> could you tell us if you
> are growing these in pots or if you have been able to establish any  
> of them
> in the ground?

As usual all the new plants I begin to grow are suited in pots in  
order to choose
the best soil mix and to move them to better position if needed,
( more sun or no sun at all ), and last it is easier to get the pictures
from flowers in pot ( they may grow turned on opposite site from  
sight ).

After the first year of growth I try to plant them directly in the  
we  have here naturally acid soil and I amend it to lower acidity with
humus collected into the wood ( oaks, chestnuts and acacia leaves )
adding fine river sand, expanded clay and pumice to get better drainage;

I saw it is easier to feed them in ground and also they need less  
care for watering,
so the plants grown in flowerbeds are taller and healthy and develop  
more roots.

They fear direct sun after  middle morning, so I had to create  
shadow for Calceolus in ground using a antihail net .

Hoping it helps

Travedona (VA)
zone 7/8

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