greetings from the Columbia coast

Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 04 May 2008 11:03:54 PDT
I live at sealevel on Willapa Bay, 15 miles north of the Columbia  
River and a mile from the Pacific Ocean in SW Washington, where I  
garden on silty sand. This area has wet mild winters and rather dry  
summers, zone 8; though during strong El Nino-Southern Oscillation  
events, which are warmer, it's almost a zone 10. I'm a botanist and a  
confirmed iris-lover, especially Pacific Coast native species and  
hybrids. Lilies, and other geophytes are also of great interest to  
me. Many species grow well here, slugs and deer aside, so I tend to  
focus on those that deer leave alone (they grazed my first plantings  
of juno iris to the ground a few years ago).

In a few weeks I'll have photos of a very yellow iris that I  
purchased some years ago as Iris innominata, but which is clearly too  
large to be that species. I hope someone amongst you will be able to  
help me identify it.

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