Placea ornata germination

Jane McGary
Tue, 27 May 2008 10:13:00 PDT
Jim SHields asked,
What I don't know is whether Placea are summer or winter growing, but I
>surmise form your comments and the native habitat that they might want to
>grow in the winter.  Can anyone comment on this?

The ones I've seen are in the subalpine zone (foothills) and grow and 
flower in spring, being summer-dormant. I saw them growing among scrub on a 
very steep hillside in rocky soil that would dry out severely in summer.

I agree with Jim that it's easiest to germinate and grow on Rhodophiala, 
Placea, and Phycella by planting the seeds directly where the bulbs are to 
remain for a couple of years. However, I haven't had much luck keeping them 
permanently, except for R. pratensis and R. advena. Managed to flower 
Rhodophiala rhodolirion once in the bulb frame and then it died. I haven't 
grown any Placea, but I have some young Phycella seedlings thanks to Terry 
Laskiewicz, who had the optimism to harvest what I thought were very unripe 
seeds and the generosity to share them with me.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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