Tocantinia mira

Fri, 30 May 2008 08:51:36 PDT
Sounds like an Opera title.
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Hi Lee and All,

Yes, Tocantiniamira is a real specie.
I have 3 very small seedlings of Tocantinia mira, with 3 years. This plant 
grows in the spring/summer, it is dormant in the autumn/winter, is growing 
So far, I have noticed that Tocantinia mira leaves smaller, thinner and 
slightly rounded which Hippeastrum. For more similar to Griffinia.
I have no idea of the look of your flowers.
The name of the genera is a reference to their region of origin, the region 
between the great rivers: Araguaia and Tocantins. This plant is considered 
rare, even in nature.
My plants came from seeds received the Institute Plantarum.
When my plants thrive and produce its first seed, I will be happy to share 


TarcĂ­sio Eduardo Raduenz
Blumenau - Santa Catarina State - South of Brazil

P.S.: Lee, a problem with your e-mail? I tried to send this message to you, 
but it returned with an error.

> Does anyone know anything about Tocantinia mira? I believe it's one of
> Ravenna's many species and I'm wondering if it's a real species or just
> some variant of a known Hippeastrum. What does it look like? Why did
> Ravenna invent a new genus for it? How does it differ from Hippeastrum
> or other related genera? Thanks for any information.
> --Lee Poulsen
> Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a
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