Obliging geophytes

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Wed, 07 May 2008 17:40:11 PDT
I have another bulbous species to mention, rather an easy one to overlook: Geranium tuberosum.  Sparse, relatively small pink flowers are borne right now, 12" above quite nice foliage; dormancy ensues in 3 or 4 weeks.  It does perfectly well in a sunny, well-drained position.  I haven't been strongly motivated to try it elsewhere in the past but more recent efforts have worked out well enough.

Along with other respondents I struggle to control Chionodoxa lucillae and Endymion non-scriptus, at the same time quite enjoying the show in proper season.  Nonetheless, too much has gotten to be too much and has prompted me to get an ultimate weapon: a shovel (perhaps a post-hole digger?  I didn't take in its nominal identification) that is 16" long and 5" wide, compared with the 10" x 7" of my more typical spade.  Those extra 6 inches are enough to get down to the bulb zone, loosening the soil sufficiently that the bulbs can be eased out intact.  Disruption can be kept fairly minimal.

Jim Jones

Lexington, MA Z5-6

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