A list of Drakensberg geophytes with elevations part 3

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Fri, 02 May 2008 12:37:57 PDT
and the list carries on:

Urginea calcarata (up to 2000m)
Urginea capitata (up to 2400m)
Urginea macrocentra (up to 2700m)
Urginea multisetosa (up to 1600m)
Urginea tenella (up to 2600m)
Urginea saniensis (2900m and above)

With the exception of U. saniensis which is growing in rock crevice on the submit plateau, all other species occurs in more or less damp rockly grasslands.

Galtonia candicans (mostly at about 1700m, but up to 2100m)
Galtonia regalis (up to 2000m)
Galtonia viridiflora (up to 2800m)

Habitats ranging from damp or marshy ground (G. candicans), wet and shaded cliffs (G. regalis) to cliff and steep rocky slopes (G. viridiflora).

Drimia robusta (up to 2100m)
Drimia sphaerocephala (up to 2000m)

Rocky grasslands and rock pavements for D. robusta, grasslands for D. sphaerocephala.

Dipcadi gracillimum (up to 2400m)
Dipcadi viride (up to 2400m)

Both species lives in the same places and flower at the same time but?the leaves and flowers are different. Grasslands and edge of rock sheets.

Litanthus pusillus (up to 1800m)

Massed in rock crevices, often on top of boulders in soil or moss cushions.

Merwilla plumbea syn. Scilla natalensis (up to 2000m)
Scilla dracomontana (1675m to 2100m)
Scilla nervosa (up to 2000m)
Scilla saturata (up to 2000m) 

Scilla carnulosa (up to 1950m) - could not find this taxa in recent literature !!!! anybody has an idea of what it might be ???

Cliffs, rock platforms, broken slope, usualy in shallow and stony soils.

Ledebouria cooperi (up to 2100m) 
Ledebouria sandersonii (up to 2400m)
Ledebouria ovatifolia (up to 2000m)

Grassy slopes and stony grasslands

Eucomis autumnalis ssp. clavata (up to 2450m)
Eucomis bicolor (up to 2800m)
Eucomis humilis (up to 2400m)
Eucomis schijffii (2300m to 3200m)

Damp and wet areas often at the base of steep rocky slopes and cliffs or along vegetated gullies.


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