The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Susan Hayek
Mon, 05 May 2008 21:24:26 PDT
The Hellebores seedlings were very exciting for me. I'd like them all 
over. Same with the Alstoemeria. And I planted tons and tons of 
Iphieon. And....I put all my seedling Velthemias in the ground under 
the big Japanese maple in front and they made it through our low 
20's; one is blooming. Next year they'll probably drop dead.
When we first moved up here, I ordered some assorted plants from a 
source on the east coast and they arrived all mush. What did survive 
was the Allium triquetrum and when they bloomed I realized what they 
were (this was before my joining PBS). From just a few I have them 
all over now and am relentlessly pulling them out. I'll never win.


At 10:57 PM -0500 5/5/08, James Waddick wrote:
>	Thinking anew about the latter, and with the chief suspect (
>Ornithogalum umbellatum) in bloom. Gee it looks a lot like Iphieon
>'Albert Castillo' only easier and cheaper.
>	Come to think of it,  I don't think there is any really weedy
>bulb here; even the Pinellias are easy to control and I rarely  feel
>like I have to pull them up. Allium triquetrum I've tried a couple of
>times without any luck. It's in the 'ugly' category above.
>Alstroemeria  aurantiaca... I wish.  But speaking of Hellebores
>(Susan), the x orientalis types self seed very freely, but I just
>donated a couple hundred to a local shade garden sale. Not a problem.

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