Begonia boliviensis
Thu, 29 May 2008 14:11:46 PDT
Hi Tsuh Yang,
Yes, Begonia bolivensis is tuberous.  My tuber came from Brent and  Becky's a 
few years ago, it is quite large (maybe 5 inches across) and I just  
replanted it in a hanging basket outside yesterday.  For winter storage in  our 
climate, I wash and dry the tuber off in fall after the plant has died back,  and 
pack it in a plastic ziplock bag.  I recommend keeping a watch on it or  
applying fungicide in case of mold, but so far my tuber hasn't had  problems.  It is 
easy to grow outside, but doesn't like our hottest summer  days.  I think 
there might be a few strains of it around, the BB strain is  an older one, I 
suspect, but I believe there have been newer introductions from  wild collected mate
rial, at least out west. 
Good luck,
Ernie D. 

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