Alstroemeria aurea
Tue, 06 May 2008 14:12:21 PDT
The on-going discussion about Alstoemeria aurea prompts me to write about my own experiences: I've had it for many years tight against the south-facing foundation where it thrives or at least survives (e.g in the -12o winter).  Nature takes care of its spreading tendencies, hammering down runners that go beyond a certain limit.  When it comes time to unveil the Colchicum I just pull out the Alstroemeria shoots by the handful.  Mixed with the Alstroemeria is an Argemone pleiacantha hybrid to make a quite unlikely midsummer show.

A bulb I overlooked: Cardiocrinum cordatum.  I raised it from seed; after 7-years it put forth droopy off-white flowers, in July, and died.  But not to despair!  Seven years later self-sown seedlings came to maturity, a cycle that has been going on for 23 years now.  The leaves just as they emerge in late April are spectacular, mottled and shiny, and though this fades in a few weeks they remain attractive.

Jim Jones

Lexington MA  Z5-6

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