Tropical bulbs/Zephyranthes and Habranthus

Narad (Richard Eggenberger)
Sat, 17 May 2008 11:36:17 PDT
Dear Debbie,

What a strange and beautiful world we inhabit with beauty and wonder  
at every turn.  Mary Helen and I lived in Houston from 1981 to 1995  
and became friends with many gardening folk.  We built the Plumeria  
People which Mary Helen ran with my help on long weekends and I  
managed 'Nature's Window' Garden Center in Alief, then became manager  
of Teas Nursery in Bellaire and finally started Living Earth  
Technology with two partners.  So, it is a delight to be able to write  
you about my love of rain lilies.  Merrill O'Neal helped acquire some  
bulbs for me from the good people at YuccaDo and friends around  
Houston and Austin.  These, along with Z. sulphurea (very self- 
fertile), Z. rosea, Z. robusta ( I believe) and  Z. candida, which are  
grown extensively in northern India, were the stock for our humble  
beginning.  Many of the introduced plants are doing quite well and  
wind pollination has given us a few new shades but I have a man who is  
willing to take up the hybridizing this fall when I return to India.   
I had asked Fadjar if he would donate some of his hybrids but he  
refused saying that he was under contract (with Plant Delight's  
obviously) so I was unsuccessful in acquiring any reds.

Mary Helen passed away of ovarian cancer in 2002 and since that time I  
have devoted myself to volunteering at some of the Auroville centers  
in America and spend about 4-5 months in India from October to March,  
the optimum growing season.

I wish I could remember all the kind people who helped me get started  
in so many areas such as plumerias from Dr. Criley in Hawaii and  
botanical gardens throughout Asia, and other flowering trees and  
fragrant shrubs from growers in Florida.  You may remember Margaret a  
very kind and knowledgeable gardener from San Antonio (quite elderly  
when I knew her twenty years ago) who also collected rain lilies and  
discovered a method for getting them to flower without waiting for  
rain, Steve Lowe who is a great source of knowledge, and, of course,  

I do have Habranthus robustus and it flowers magnificently in  
Auroville as does Z. Labuffarosa.  So, we are at the very beginning of  
a new chapter in our horticultural life and it will be nice to  
correspond with you and learn.   I also hope that you will be able to  
spare a bulb or two for the Matrimandir Gardens occasionally.

Thank you so much for writing and for your welcome to me and your love  
of rain lilies.

Richard (Narad)

On 16, May 2008, at 2:38 PM, Deborah Jordan wrote:

> Hi Richard and Welcome!
> I'm located in Houston, Texas and have an extensive collection of  
> Zephyranthes and Habranthus species (mostly) and hybrids too. I  
> would welcome and invite you to email me at any time. Nice to meet  
> another fellow rain lily grower.
> Debbie
> Houston, Texas
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