Some Allium events

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 05 May 2008 19:45:41 PDT
These discussions on what grows well for some and not so well for others 
and is a problem for others are very interesting. I'm amazed that Jim 
McKenney is so enthusiastic about Allium triquetrum. My husband named it 
Allium pestum which is a better name for it I think. Invasive in Australia, 
New Zealand, and Northern California. It needs no supplemental water or 
care where I live (and we get a lot more rainfall than Max.) It grows along 
side the roads, in waste areas, near abandoned homes. It's amazing how some 
of these things spread from what may have been just a few people planting them.

Alliums are not something that I have had any luck growing in the ground. 
Allium unifolium limps along and sometimes blooms, but that's it. I've 
tried a lot of them and they don't bloom or don't come back after the first 
year. This is true here and was true in Stockton as well. On the other hand 
I've had luck with a lot of the ones native to California in pots and some 
others as well. I'm not sure why the lack of success. Mark McDonough has 
great luck growing them in the ground.

Mary Sue

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