Some Allium events

Jim McKenney
Mon, 05 May 2008 04:40:57 PDT
The big floral ball Allium are beginning to bloom in the garden now. This
term “floral ball” I picked up from a 1960s catalog from Delkins Bulbs, my
source for some of my first acquisitions in this group.  I still have these
and to this day am unsure what to call them. They were sent under the name
Allium rosenbachianum. They are perhaps Allium stipitatum. 

Two other Allium events have provided lots of excitement during the last few
days. For one, Allium triquitrum is blooming here for the first time. Why it
took me so long to try this species I can’t explain, but it’s good to have
it now. 

The other Allium excitement was major. I had been invited to judge a rock
garden in the Pittsburg, PA area yesterday. That’s a four hour + drive from
home. The plants on exhibit included a few which made the drive worthwhile,
but in my view one stood out above the rest: a pan of dozens of blooming
Allium perdulce. The fragrance was wonderful. Mark’s glowing account of this
species on the wiki is completely justified.  

On the horizon: some late planted bulbs received under the names Allium
neapolitanum and Allium cowanii have produced plants with distinct foliage.
So expect a continuation of last year’s discussion of the
neapolitanum-cownaii controversy.

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