Zantedeschia jucunda
Fri, 02 May 2008 10:04:37 PDT
Dear Brent,

Many thanks for the imput on all species you mentionned...

The reason why Zantedeschia jucunda?is not on my list is because?it occurs in the Sekhukhuneland Centre of Floristic Endemism. Z. jucunda is found along the summit of the Leolo Mountain range which runs north south through the central part of Sekhukhuneland. 

I am concentrating on the Natal Drakensberg for the moment... The Nerine are to?be listed?in a forthcomming mail and to my knowledge there is no Crinum growing above 1400m which is roughly the elevation limit between the KZN Midland hill range and the Drakensberg foothills in the area I try to "investigate"...


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