Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus

Hans-Werner Hammen
Tue, 11 Nov 2008 15:35:42 PST
Hi Max;
I herewith confirm:
although it is not lethal for them seeds to dry out for a "certain time" I recommend to sow these and, seeds of all those amaryllids with "thin, dark, papery-foiled seeds" as fresh as possible. They will germinate faster and with a higher yield. If you have really lots of seeds then you take advantage by sowing these ALL, densely, and later select those seedlings (after approx 1/2 y) for replanting which begin to reveal that they are the most vigorous and, particularly do produce the most leaves, because later, the number of scapes per season will depend on this property.
I noticed that the vigorousity - that is the power of an individual seedling to stand the pressure in a crowded community or even suppress the growth of its neighbours by growing invasively - is sometimes amazingly conspicuous. 
As to sowing I like to refer to my earlier statement in…
I wish you good success and nice flowers from your crossbreeding project!
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