OT humor: Gardener's Psychiatric hotline

Ian Young youngs.aberdeen@btinternet.com
Thu, 06 Nov 2008 12:48:31 PST
Hello, Fellow Bulb Lovers,
 I'm a lurker in these parts and have been delighted by the above named post.... I have stolen the text and posted it in the Forum of the Scottish Rock Garden Club ( part of  http://www.srgc.org.uk/ .....here.... http://srgc.org.uk/smf/index.php/…    )
I wonder if you could find out for me if the poster , Theladygardens at aol.com wrote the piece and if so, may I have her retrospective permission to re-post in the SRGC site and give her name to it, or does she prefer her pseudonym ?
 Many thanks,
 Margaret Young
 SRGC WebTeam

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