One Man's Pernicious Weed is another's Oxalis Boweii

David Maxwell
Wed, 26 Nov 2008 13:18:28 PST
Hi All,
well, with the rains in Northern California has come everyone's favorite
leisure time; pulling weeds.

Among the 'weeds' I've been trying to suppress with sheets of plastic &
mulch are what appear to be Oxalis Boweii (dark pink fluted flowers with
very large, thick, pale green shamrock leaves).

O.boweii is actually just my guess based on photos I viewed in the free
photo gallery at

Anyway, no offense is intended to anyone, but or not, they're
still weeds to me.

So if any domestic-post Members are interested, send me a private email, and
I'd be more than happy to box some of these babies up & send 'em your way.

Happy weeding,


P.S. I can send an actual snap if that would be more informative.

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