Photos in The Bulb Garden

Jane McGary
Sat, 08 Nov 2008 09:33:26 PST
Thanks to Harold Koopowitz for the correction on identification of 
fall-flowering Narcissus species. I see I've been perpetuating an 
error, and will examine the plants I'm growing here and relabel as 
appropriate. As I recall, all those I have grown from seed have 
orange coronas and non-inflated tubes.

In answer to his question, yes, Galanthus peshmenii is 
autumn-flowering. Also, everywhere I saw it, it was growing in very 
sharply drained situations, even in the detritus on top of big 
boulders (the seeds must have been brought there by ants), and in 
shade. Here, it flowers somewhat later than G. reginae-olgae; that 
species I also saw growing in deep shade, but here in Oregon it does 
fine in sun.

Jane McGary

Thank you for the correction onAt 04:54 PM 11/7/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Jane:
>I enjoyed your article in this issue of the bulb garden. We went to
>Crete at about the same time a few years ago. It was great fun. I
>have a question and a comment. Is Galanthus peshmenii autumn flowering?
>Narcissus serotinus has been confused for centuries. The true N.
>serotinus is a smaller flower and has a lemon yellow corona with an
>inflated floral tube. Your flower with its orange corona is actually
>N. miniatus, the allopolyploid natural hybrid between N. serotinus
>and N. elegans. This has been confirmed by recent DNA analysis. All
>of the floras of the Mediterranean are wrong about the identity. This
>is an ancient hybrid, today the true N. serotinus is confined to
>Morocco, southern Portugal and a few sites in western Spain while the
>hybrid covers most of the Mediterranean.

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