Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus

Max Withers
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 13:00:53 PST
Way back on 12/17/2004, Jim Shields wrote:
> The bulbs I have of Cyrtanthus [montanus X elatus] have almost always 
> been
> infertile too.  I got luck one single time, pollinating one bulb's 
> flowers
> onto the flowers of another of the bulbs that was in bloom at the same 
> time
> and the reverse.  One of the two plants set two pods, and I got maybe 6
> seeds.  The last time I checked, the pot of those seedlings had 4 nice
> bulbs in it, ca. 1 inch in diameter.  I'm very curious to see what their
> eventual flowers will look like, and to see if these F2 plants are more
> fertile than their parents.  In a few more years.....
I got excellent seed production this year from some C. elatus x montanus 
purchased from Telos, and I'm wondering what these F2 plants will look 
like. Jim, Anyone?

While we're on the topic, I suppose I should hold off on sowing these 
until March/April?

Max Withers

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