Cannaceae of the World

James Waddick
Tue, 18 Nov 2008 09:59:43 PST
>I took time to read it this morning and it is wonderful information 
>clearly written and precise.Bravo and merci !

Dear Mark and all,
	The Maas's have been working on this for a while. They have 
published smaller articles in various Floras, but this is years of 
work compiled very neatly.

	As a semi-student of the Family/genus I see a few gaps or 
topics they just did not mention.  The most recent other monograph by 
N. Tanaka (2001) came up with 19 species.  Disregarding the taxonomic 
conclusions, the biological discussions are very worth while.
	And if you are really interested in the cultivars and their 
origins, you should read the 7 articles by I. Mukherjee &T. Khoshoo 
"Genetic Evolutionary Studies in Cultivated Cannas".  They are 
scattered around in various journals, and not referenced in Maas' 

	This is a fascinating genus that well deserves this new paper.

		Best	Jim W.

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