Photos in The Bulb Garden

Marguerite English
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 10:12:54 PST
Thanks to Jane and Harold for identifying the photos in Jane's article 
correctly.  I try to catch typographical errors, but apologize for 
missing that one.

I really appreciate Jane, Leo and Robin who wrote the articles in this 
issue, and all the authors who have volunteered or yielded to my coaxing 
in previous issues. PBS couldn't publish any periodical without these 
lovely folks!   And while I am at it, I want to tell you that my 
co-editor, Jennifer Hildebrand is a worker of magic and deserves all of 
the credit for the new look of 'The Bulb Garden' .  She takes the edited 
articles and performs wonders with the layout tasks.  We did not put the 
membership directory together (I'm not sure how many fingers were in 
that), but I know Jen performed the final time-consuming edit. 

Last, but not least, thanks to Arnold for handling the printing and 
distribution of all of our publications.   This is a tedious task 
requiring trips to the post office with boxes of packets.    

If you enjoyed this issue, please be sure to renew your membership so 
you don't miss the winter issue.   The pages are filling up with more 
interesting articles for your pleasure.   And if you have any concerns, 
preferences, suggestions, please do write me privately.             

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