A Modest Proposal - NABS

Tom Mitchell tom@evolution-plants.com
Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:35:34 PST
I joined the PBS a little over a year ago despite living, as I put it  
at the time, 'about as far from the Pacific Rim as you can get  
without leaving the planet', in a sleepy corner of England. I've  
benefited enormously from my membership and have made good friends  
via the Society. Partly as a result of these new found friendships  
I'm planning a plant hunting trip to the US next year - surely a  
modest victory for international relations brought about by bulbs!

In addition to the opportunity the Society affords its members of  
being able to make contact with like-minded enthusiasts, the bulb  
exchange masterminded by Dell Sherk is a unique and outstandingly  
good value benefit as are the wiki and, not least, the collective  
depth and breadth of expertise of the small but committed membership,  
accessible to all via the list.

Nothing about the Society, other than the balance of its current  
membership, is peculiarly North American. Its members' interests span  
the globe, as do their travels, friendships and correspondence. With  
great respect to Jim Waddick, I venture that it would be a seriously  
retrograde move to rename the Society the North American...anything.  
Surely the more international the membership becomes, the more  
interesting the Society will be for everyone, North American or not?

If a name change is needed, how about just 'The Bulb Society' or 'The  
Geophyte Society'?

Best wishes,


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