Ledebouria guru needed

aaron floden aaron_floden@yahoo.com
Tue, 04 Nov 2008 05:22:23 PST

 "Miner" is from Michael Vassar and was introduced through the Huntington BG list (HBG 73608) in 2004. I am sure it was offered somewhere before that though, because it is becoming fairly widespread now. It is supposed to a dwarf form with different maculation on the leaves, more silver overall.

 "Gila Monster" is also sold under, lutea, pauciflora, giant socialis, etc. I grow this from a friend and it seems to go into dormancy more so than socialis. It is also larger in all respects. Seems distinct enough that it could be a closely related species.

 I have a wild collected form of socialis (with provenance), that sets masses of seed, and thus seedlings, that was collected in South Africa a few years ago. 

 If you, or anyone, are interested in trading I have a collection of many, many Ledebouria.

 All the best, 

 Aaron Floden
 Knoxville, TN

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I'm amassing a collection of different clones of L. socialis.  I was curious
to know if anyone knew of material with data here in the 'States.   Another
question - what IS the origin of L. socialis "miner" - is it a
hybrid, or
merely a cultivar.  Is it simply a locality-specific form of this varaible
species?  Finally, what IS L. socialis "Gila Monster?  I get a hybrid vibe
from it, but...?


Dave S.


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