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Jane McGary
Wed, 19 Nov 2008 15:42:08 PST
Nhu wrote,
"For certain questions, it's important to have a higher
>classification, but for the end user (gardeners and non-taxonomists alike),
>the species unit is the least artificial.

I was asking about Merendera/Colchicum not so much as a gardener, but 
as an editor with a responsibility to provide readers with the "most 
valid" names for the plants people write about. I sometimes have 
drawn a line in the sand -- you will not find "Cistanthe tweedyi" in 
the Rock Garden Quarterly -- but I do try to offer synonyms where 
there is controversy, and where I know about it. I have also thrown 
up my hands in despair on certain issues, such as the genus 
Narcissus, and just go with whatever name an author wants, perhaps 
with a disclaimer where it is not too tactless.

And this is why I don't think the web will replace print publication 
too soon: believe it or not, editors do a lot of work for you, and if 
they are any good, they are constantly trying to anticipate the needs 
of the audience.

Jane McGary

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