Leo's Mystery Strumaria

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 14 Nov 2008 20:22:51 PST

I was going to move Leo's Strumaria pictures to the Strumaria page. I too 
have the book Diana referred to, Systematics of Hessea, Strumaria, and 

I looked at the diagrams and read the text and it seems to me that the 
descriptions are backwards to what you would expect to fit the names 
of  the two subspecies and opposite to what David Victor suggested. I'm 
really puzzled.

In the book Snijman writes:
Strumaria discifera subsp. discifera -- "Style smoothly bulbiform or 
irregularly thickened and longitudinally ridged in the proximal quarter."
Strumaria discifera subsp. bulbifera -- "Style discoid proximally, with a 
prominent irregular rim on the disc distally, abruptly narrowed into a 
slender column above."

The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs:
Strumaria discifera subsp. bulbifera -- "flowers with the stylar swelling 
topped by a frilly rim"
Strumaria discifera subsp. discifera -- "flowers with the stylar swelling 
smooth above"

What David said was:
>I'm pretty sure that its Strumaria discifera subsp. discifera.  This
>subsp. has a frilly disc-like swelling at the base of the style,
>whereas the other subsp. (bulbifera) has a bulbous shaped swelling.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Could she have switched the 
descriptions in the first book which was repeated in the Color Encyclopedia 
since it copied from the monograph?

Mary Sue

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