Sternbergia lutea

James Waddick
Mon, 17 Nov 2008 07:00:24 PST
Dear Bulb loving friends,
	A friend just sent me a copy of this recent article "A 
Morphometric Study of Species Delimitation in Sternbergia lutea 
(Alliaceae, Amaryllidoideae) and its Allies S. sicula and S. 
greuterian"  by Ewan Gage  and Paul Wilkin published in the Botanical 
Journal of the Linnean Society, 2008, 158, 460-469

	Since Sternbergia are frequent garden subjects, I was 
interested to read this summary:

	"This research has highlighted a lack of distinctive 
characters by which S. sicula, S. lutea and S. greuteriana can be 

	The authors assert all Sternbergia belong to a single species 
and suggest that cultivar names be assigned to horticulturally 
distinct subjects.

	Doesn't fit my limited experience with a few very distinctive 
bulbs.	Comments ?

		Best		Jim W.
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