The Bulb Garden

Marguerite English
Tue, 04 Nov 2008 23:23:19 PST
  Arnold just mailed the fall issue to all  PBS members.   Jen and I 
hope you enjoy this last issue for the year.   Jane McGary's 
'travelogue' article and her pictures of bulb flowers growing in their 
native Mediterranean climate are delightful, and Leo Martin's article 
about bulbs that grow well in the desert should tantalize those of you 
who live in colder climes.

  If you are a member and don't get your issue in a week or so, please 
e-mail Arnold Trachtenberg or me.  And don't forget to renew your 
membership for next year!  The winter issue is going to be another 
interesting one, filled with articles about three different genera that 
you may be interested in using in your own garden or greenhouse.   .And, 
of course, if you have a yen to write a bit about your own garden or 
your favorite genus, I would love to receive an article from you. 

Editor: The Bulb Garden

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