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MATT MATTUS mmattus@charter.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2008 15:42:27 PST
I suppose this is more about branding, than it is identity.

This is a bit like re-branding an airline which has decided that the world
is much bigger. Devoted passengers are not alienated, and new passengers
never are the wiser.

I remember when I first found this group, I though, "is this only for people
on the Pacific Coast of the US? " " Is is something I should join since I
live on the Atlantic coast of the US?" "Do they meet regularly or only
on-line?" Still, as a casual visitor ( I still need to actually join again,
and I keep forgetting because of the regional name, I think), I do wonder if
new members would have an issue with a name and identity change.....I think

As someone who professionally does intellectual property development and
identity recreations for a living, I vote for a name that maybe doesn't have
the obvious 'bulb' and 'regional' limitors in the title.

So, for what it is worth, I suggest the more unusual, and perhaps more
ownable and memorable:

1. Geobulb - The International Society for Geophytic Plants

   -The Society for the conservation and cultivation of bulbs and geophytes.

2. The World Geophyte Society

3. The Global Geophyte Society

4. The International Geophyte Society

5. The Society for Geophytic Plants

I am working on a similar visual prototyping for NARGS ( which I will be
posting this week on my blog ( exploraculture.blogspot.com), just having
some fun, but also, perhaps helping others to see the beyond the next few
years. Perhaps I will 'visually prototype what this group could possible
look like too,10, 15 years from now.

Regardless, I don't believe that a name change is a big deal at all, a new
URL, and perhaps that is it. Maybe a new bank account. Tags, searches, and
new members would not be affected, and nothing could keep any of us from
finding this group even if it was called the PFFBG ( the Pretty Flowers From
Bulbs Group ( or the International Paperwhite Society).

At least we are lively!
( and yes, I must go actually join now! Name change or not!).


Matt Mattus
Zone 5b
Worcester, Massachusetts

On 11/19/08 6:45 PM, "Jane McGary" <janemcgary@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Jim Waddick wrote,
>          I propose a name change for the Pacific Bulb Society to 'The
>> North American Bulb Society'.

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