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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2008 14:14:30 PST
Dear Friends,
	Apologies first to a unnamed corespondent, whose message I 
have edited mercilessly in section "1" below.

	I propose a name change for the Pacific Bulb Society to 'The 
North American Bulb Society'.

	1. PBS really is move diverse than the name suggest :
	Although our group is called the Pacific Bulb Society, it's 
only that in name. In terms of the interest of its members there 
don't seem to be many limits. Tropical plants are rarely discussed 
and are low on the list of items included in the wiki. The group grew 
out of a wish to be inclusive, friendly and geared to gardening.

	The PBS list now has 469 members. I wish we had a different 
name to reflect who we are. If you look at the Board members of what 
will be the new board, there are two from California, one from 
Arizona, one from Oregon, one from Pennsylvania, one from New Jersey, 
and one from New York so that represents a range of climates.

	Actual members are even more diverse.

	2. The PBS actually reflects a North American, not just 
Pacific interest in all sorts of bulbs. There is no North American 
Bulb Society. There is no  American Bulb Society. (Either name would 
be very appropriate, but would suggest input from other North 
American interests (you know who you are ! )

	3. A new board and officers will further reflect the diversity.

	4. As 'The North American Bulb Society' our group will 
attract even more interest from people (like me) unhappy with joining 
a group centered only on Pacific Coast interests (as the name, not 
the content, suggests).

	5. With a new slate of officers and a new board, this is a 
good time to seek a change of name that better reflects the 
membership and the interests of the organization.

	6. Isn't it time for a true North American Bulb Society ? The 
structure and organization already exists. The name change is 
relatively minor - in name only. It can only strengthen our group.

	Can we talk about this and get a response from the 
organization that hosts this web exchange?

		Best	Jim W.
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