Chinese cooking and more

Dell Sherk
Mon, 06 Oct 2008 15:28:33 PDT
Dear Jim and Tsuh Yang,

I have grown water spinach, Ipomoea aquatica, in the vegetable garden, so it
doesn't need a lot of water. I have always been confused by reports that
"morning glories" are poisonous.

Houttuynia cordata --- this has been a menace in my herb garden where I made
the mistake of planting it. It is very invasive, smells awful (not nearly so
nice as cilantro which it is supposed to resemble) and cannot be weeded out.
I resorted to painting each bit that sprouted, with an herbicide, but next
year will tell the tale.

On the subject of edible alliums, Allium tricoccum - ramps or wild leeks -
are a seasonal folk food in parts of West Virginia. I have eaten them boiled
and could hardly recommend them except to those folks who are fond of great
chunks of raw garlic - not exactly the same taste, but the same kind of
intensity. But I hear that they are being served as a delicacy in fine
restaurants. Does anyone know if it is possible to cultivate these bulbs? I
have a source and would like to try.


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