Watsonia in Pacific BX 188

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Tue, 21 Oct 2008 06:16:34 PDT
I would like to share your note with the membership and see what they have to say. Would
that be OK? Only two people ordered the nothoscordum, and I sent them a second stronger
warning from Rodger in BC advising that the bulbs be destroyed. They did not reply and I
sent them the bulbs.


> Hi,
> I'd just like to ask that you not send any of #3 to anyone in  California
> or a Mediterranean climate. If we know that a bulb can become a serious
> problem I don't think we should share it with others. There are great
> stretches of Northern California and Australia and I'm sure other areas
> around the world where Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera is spreading and
> overwhelming native habitats. Not only does it increase by seed and corms
> around the main corm, but by corms in the stem of the plant which fall off
> and create new plants. There are a lot of other Watsonias that are much
> more attractive and not such a problem. Some made it to my garden from a
> neighbor's yard and I did eventually get rid of it since I immediately
> recognized it and dug it up right away, but still had offsets coming up for
> a couple of years.
> I guess I feel the same way about Lee's recent donation of Nothoscordum to
> the BX. Even with the warning, someone might end up with it who didn't
> realize how very difficult it is to get rid of once you have it.
> NARGS won't distribute seeds I don't think of known problem plants and
> perhaps the Pacific Bulb Society should give some thought to doing this as
> well.
> Mary Sue
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