Mystery Strumaria

Diana Chapman
Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:12:30 PDT
I recently posted on Strumaria on my blog:,
with pictures of several species.

I have Snijman's "Systematics of Hessea, Strumaria and Carpolyza".  Even so,
I find it difficult to distinguish between Hessea and Strumaria.  The main
differences are that the filaments in Hessea are free from the style,
whereas in Strumaria they are attached at the base, and the base of the
style is usually swollen.  Having said that, even slicing up flowers with a
scalpel and looking at them under a magnifying lens I still am not quite
sure on some of them.

Your picture could be S. discifera, but also resembles some other species in
my collection, including a couple that I can't positively identify.  Snijman
says that the leaves should be long and lanceolate, channelled tepals and a
bulbiform to discoid swelling at the base of the style.  The leaves are
covered with hairs on both surfaces (but there are others with hairy

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