Jim McKenney
Tue, 21 Oct 2008 14:58:24 PDT
Mary Sue, thanks for all the information on Aristea. It’s a genus on my “try
it one of these days” list. The best candidates for me will probably be the
dwarfish ones – I’ll be able to keep those in the cold frame during the

All this Aristea talk had me check out the wiki entries on the genus. I had
seen photos of A. ecklonii in the past, but they didn’t impress me much. But
the various species, including A. ecklonii, on the wiki are very handsome.
I’m surprised that the big ones are not used more often in gardens. Am I
missing something?

By the way, I guess I have to say that I really don’t approve of the extreme
measure you and Bob took to get photos of Aristea lugens. Did you set the
fires on an earlier trip and then return later to get photos of the plants
in bloom?  There must have been a local co-conspirator, right? Wow, you must
be big believers in the smoke treatment! Suppose you had been caught? What
are South African jails like? As fragile as some of those ecosystems are,
I'm really ashamed of you!   : )

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